Magneticmediajs – еще один лайтбокс

Magneticmediajs - еще один лайтбокс

Платный для коммерческого использования
Display images, Flickr & Instagram content
Display HTML5 (with Flash fallback), Youtube, Vimeo & Dailymotion videos
Show locations with Google maps
Mobile & touch support: from iOS, Android to Desktop & TVs
API to programmatically control your media
Magnifying glass: enlarge areas of your images & photos
8 filter effects: sepia, grayscale, invert, brightness, contrast, saturate, blur & hue-rotate
WebApp ready: support for the file protocol (PhoneGap, Cordova & co)
E-commerce and media gallery mobile-ready designs
Colorful and easily customizable
Deeplinking (each item gets its own URL)
Advanced error management
Multiple instances support
Keyboard control
Documentation, commented sources & user-friendly setup
Lightweight: only 26 kB + jQuery

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