Breakpoint.js – скрипт определяет ширину экрана и выполняет действие

Пример использования

import breakpoint from './modules/breakpoint.js';

let config = {
  // media query
  // type: string
  // required
  query: '(min-width: 1024px)',

  // callback to call when the query result is true
  // type: function
  // required
  success: () => console.log('Window width is above 1024px'),

  // function to call when the query result is false
  // type: function
  // optional
  fail: () => console.log('Window width is below 1024px')},

  // context to set on success and fail callbacks
  // type: object
  // default: null
  // optional
  context: window

// breakpoint will be automatically listening for changes
let destroyBreakpoint = breakpoint(config);

// if you need to stop listening for changes,
// just call the assigned variable

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