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» » » jakzal/phpqa - инструменты статического анализа PHP в докер контейнере

jakzal/phpqa - инструменты статического анализа PHP в докер контейнере

composer - Dependency Manager for PHP
box - An application for building and managing Phars
php-cs-fixer - PHP Coding Standards Fixer
phpcf - Finds usage of deprecated features
phpca - Finds usage of non-built-in extensions
phpdoc-to-typehint - Automatically adds type hints and return types based on PHPDocs
php-formatter - Custom coding standards fixer
phpmetrics - Static Analysis Tool
phpstan - Static Analysis Tool
phan - Static Analysis Tool
dephpend - Detect flaws in your architecture
psalm - Finds errors in PHP applications
phpDocumentor - Documentation generator
phpcpd - Copy/Paste Detector
phploc - A tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project
phpmd - A tool for finding problems in PHP code
phpmnd - Helps to detect magic numbers
pdepend - Static Analysis Tool
phpcs - Detects coding standard violations
phpcbf - Automatically corrects coding standard violations
phpcb - PHP Code Browser
phpa - Checks for weak assumptions
deprecation-detector - Finds usages of deprecated code
deptrac - Enforces dependency rules
phpda - Generates dependency graphs
php-coupling-detector - Detects code coupling issues
analyze - Visualizes metrics and source code
design-pattern - Dettects design patterns
parallel-lint - Checks PHP file syntax
php-semver-checker - Suggests a next version according to semantic versioning
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