Nutgram – the Telegram bot framework


use SergiX44\Nutgram\Nutgram;

$bot = new Nutgram($_ENV['TOKEN']);

$bot->onCommand('start', fn(Nutgram $bot) => $bot->sendMessage('Ciao!'));

$bot->onText('My name is {name}', fn(Nutgram $bot, $name) => $bot->sendMessage("Hi {$name}"));


This framework takes advantage of the latest PHP 8 features, and tries to make the speedscalability and flexibility of use its strength, it will allow you to quickly make simple bots, but at the same time, it provides more advanced features to handle even the most complicated flows. Some architectural concepts on which Nutgram is based are heavily influenced by other open source projects such as Botman and Zanzara, check them out too!

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