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krakjoe/ilimit - скрипт для ограничения времени и потребление памяти выполнения в PHP

PHP 7.1+

namespace ilimit {
     * Call a callback while imposing limits on the time and memory that
     * the call may consume.
     * @param callable $callable      The invocation to make.
     * @param array    $arguments     The list of arguments.
     * @param int      $timeout       The maximum execution time, in microseconds.
     * @param int      $maxMemory     The maximum amount of memory, in bytes.
     *                                If set to zero, no limit is imposed.
     * @param int      $checkInterval The interval between memory checks,
     *                                in microseconds. If set to zero or less,
     *                                a default interval of 100 microseconds is used.
     * @return mixed Returns the return value of the callback.
     * @throws Error\Runtime If timeout is not positive.
     * @throws Error\Runtime If maxMemory is negative.
     * @throws Error\System  If the system lacks necessary resources to make the call.
     * @throws Error\Timeout If the invocation exceeds the allowed time.
     * @throws Error\Memory  If the invocation exceeds the allowed memory.
    function call(callable $callable, array $arguments, int $timeout, int $maxMemory = 0, int $checkInterval = 0);

thomasjohnkane/snooze - пакет для упрощения автоматизации будущих уведомлений и напоминаний в Laravel

use Thomasjohnkane\Snooze\Traits\SnoozeNotifiable;

class User extends Model {
    use SnoozeNotifiable;

    // ...

// Schedule a birthday notification
$user->notifyAt(new BirthdayNotification, Carbon::parse($user->birthday));

// Schedule for a week from now
$user->notifyAt(new NextWeekNotification, Carbon::now()->addDays(7));

// Schedule for new years eve
$user->notifyAt(new NewYearNotification, Carbon::parse('last day of this year'));

paulirish/lite-youtube-embed - скрипт более быстрого внедрения youtube

Разработчик скрипта утверждает что он в 224 раза быстрее обычной вставки embed.
<lite-youtube videoid="ogfYd705cRs" style="background-image: url('');">
	<div class="lty-playbtn"></div>

xxczaki/cashify - js скрипт конвертации валюты, наследник money.js

const {Cashify} = require('cashify');

const rates = {
	GBP: 0.92,
	EUR: 1.00,
	USD: 1.12

const cashify = new Cashify({base: 'EUR', rates});

const result = cashify.convert(10, {from: 'EUR', to: 'GBP'});

console.log(result); //=> 9.2

4lejandrito/creepyface - библиотека Javascript, которая заставляет лицо следовать за указателем

4lejandrito/creepyface - библиотека Javascript, которая заставляет лицо следовать за указателем