moovie.js – HTML5 Player


  • 🔧 Fully customizable and Easy-to-use
  • 💎 Built-in caption offset adjust on the fly
  • 🎬 Built-in support for .vtt and .srt caption files
  • 🕹 Built-in Plugins, use the code that you really need!
  • 🖊 Add tracks/captions dynamically using our API
  • 🗃 Add tracks/captions locally on the fly (no server or upload required)
  • 🌠 Adjust speed on the fly
  • 🛠 Standardized events / shortcuts / API
  • 🖌 Caption customization
  • 💪 No dependencies, built with VanillaJS
  • 🌎 Tested in all modern browsers
  • 💻 Responsive
  • 🗃 Integration with webtorrent.jsdash.jsShaka Player and hls.js
  • 🌎 Internationalization (i18n) of controls

cheetah-grid – the fastest open-source data table for web

<div id="sample" style="height: 300px; border: solid 1px #ddd;">
  // initialize
  const grid = new cheetahGrid.ListGrid({
    // Parent element on which to place the grid
    parentElement: document.querySelector('#sample'),
    // Header definition
    header: [
      {field: 'check', caption: '', width: 50, columnType: 'check', action: 'check'},
      {field: 'personid', caption: 'ID', width: 100},
      {field: 'fname', caption: 'First Name', width: 200},
      {field: 'lname', caption: 'Last Name', width: 200},
      {field: 'email', caption: 'Email', width: 250},
    // Array data to be displayed on the grid
    // Column fixed position
    frozenColCount: 2,

wordwrapjs – word-wrapping for javascript

> wordwrap = require('wordwrapjs')

> text = 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.'

> result = wordwrap.wrap(text, { width: 20 })


Lorem ipsum dolor
sit amet,
adipiscing elit, sed
do eiusmod tempor
incididunt ut labore
et dolore magna

Cookie Though – minimal footprint application that manages cookie preferences


  • simplicity: easily usable from a developer perspective
  • accessibility: needs to be accessible
  • adaptability: can be easily tweaked or adjusted to the needs of a project
  • standards compliance: GDPR compliant, fine grained cookie control
  • low footprint: size of the widget should be minimal

simple-keyboard – fast, dependency-free and customizable virtual keyboard for rich and snappy web applications

  • Supports Angular, React, Vue and Vanilla JS projects.
  • Many options and methods to enhance customization.
  • Flex-box layout for easy styling.
  • Supports Modules such as Autocorrect, Input Mask, among others.
  • Ability to style a group of buttons independently, for advanced layouts.
  • Multi-keyboard instance support.
  • Ready to use implementation demos.
  • And more.

taffydb – база данных на js

var friends = TAFFY([
	{"id":1,"gender":"M","first":"John","last":"Smith","city":"Seattle, WA","status":"Active"},
	{"id":2,"gender":"F","first":"Kelly","last":"Ruth","city":"Dallas, TX","status":"Active"},
	{"id":3,"gender":"M","first":"Jeff","last":"Stevenson","city":"Washington, D.C.","status":"Active"},
	{"id":4,"gender":"F","first":"Jennifer","last":"Gill","city":"Seattle, WA","status":"Active"}	

Пример выборки данных

// Kelly's record
var kelly = friends({id:2}).first();

// Kelly's last name
var kellyslastname = kelly.last;

// Get an array of record ids
var cities = friends().select("id");

// Get an array of distinct cities
var cities = friends().distinct("city");

// Apply a function to all the male friends
friends({gender:"M"}).each(function (r) {
   alert( + "!");

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