rezaamini-ir/migrator – GUI migration manager for Laravel

Migrator is a GUI migration manager for Laravel which you can create, manage and delete your migration.
Also, with Migrator you will be able to use a feature called “Safe Migrate” which allows you to run migration without fear of foreign key sorting, it will automatically run migrations in the correct order and you don’t need to change the migrations filename.

Laravel Learning Path

This repository contains the ordered list of Laravel topics to learn, step-by-step, with related links.

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aw-studio/fjord – админ панель для Laravel

  • Конфигурация с использованием кода
  • Использование стандартов Laravel
  • Расширяемый через Vue Components
  • Поля формы для моделей
  • Управление пользователями
  • Управление ролями и разрешениями
  • Медиа Менеджмент
  • Переводимый

spatie/laravel-multitenancy – пакет для реализации мультисайтовости на laravel

namespace Spatie\Multitenancy\TenantFinder;

use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Spatie\Multitenancy\Models\Concerns\UsesTenantModel;
use Spatie\Multitenancy\Models\Tenant;

class DomainTenantFinder extends TenantFinder
    use UsesTenantModel;

    public function findForRequest(Request $request):?Tenant
        $host = $request->getHost();

        return $this->getTenantModel()::whereDomain($host)->first();